The Restaurant Industry
We try to guarantee that each solution be appropriate with the clients' needs. Only in this way, can the most effective and innovative solutions be found.

Each project is followed by a specialized team in the Restaurant industry that insures that our solutions at the strategically, operational and structural level be the most adequate for each organization.


» Market research and analysis.
» Studies of economic/financial viability for the restaurant industry.

» Location studies and selection for restaurants.

» Development of expansion plans for the restaurant industry .
» Marketing, promotion and development plans for restaurant units.

» Aid in the gathering of financial support for restaurants.

» Conception and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
» Development and implementation of restaurant industry concepts.
» Development and implementation of revenue maximization tactics: Yield Management.
» Menu analysis and evaluation: Menu engineering.
» Specific training for restaurant units.
» Quality audit of restaurant services rendered.
» Implementation of control management systems in the restaurant industry.
» Gastronomic consulting  partnerships consisting of national and international chefs of prestige.
» Creation and implementation of analysis models for human resource evaluation.