The New Image
The circle transmits ideas like globalism and values held in common. The way the circle is broken into elements symbolizes our know how and multi area expertise.

The Ventura Consulting Group has created the brand name Ventura, to satisfy the current and future demands of the tourism, hotel  and restaurant business. Our services include strategic and operational management.

The consultants of Ventura Consulting Group go beyond  the standard solutions. Our work is developed in close cooperation with our  clients. Because there are no two companies that face the exact same challenges, Ventura Consulting Company treats each client individually. We try to guarantee that each solution be appropriate with the clients' needs, objectives and culture. Only in this way, can the most effective and innovative solutions be found.

In 2008 the Fernandes Ventura, Associated decided to change its designation to Ventura Consulting Company. This alteration was a way to simplify the company's image and to narrow our focus on the three specific hospitality sectors of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant.

Ventura Consulting in the World

We support our customers in their expansion plans, at an international level through partnerships with world reference companies. We have the ability to accompany any project.