Rafael Ventura



In 2002, Rafael Ventura founded the Fernandes Ventura Associated - Management Consulting, with the objective of creating a consulting Company that would be a reference in the market. His professional background is closely tied to his experience with some of the largest Portuguese business groups/leaders in the market. His work as a university professor enriches his career in the hospitality industry.

"We will find a path, or we will make it."



Carthaginian General
(247 a.C. - 183 a.C.)


A Board Statement
Fernandes Ventura Associated was created in 2002, with the objective of delivering consulting solutions, breaking with the consulting market of the time. The market had become dominated by multinational companies.

Since the very beginning, our objective has been to create a team that consists of highly skilled professionals with a working knowledge of the business and technical angles of the hospitality industry. Our team is not limited to academic knowledge alone.

Today, we can state that our targeted objectives have been met, namely by the recognition obtained from our clients. The excellent receptivity of our services has been another positive indicator of how multi-national organizations prefer to work with us.

Another historical moment for the company was to open a representation in Madrid in 2002 and to cement strategic partnerships with other companies. We wanted to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions that mirrored our values of efficiency and innovation with no geographical limitations.

Our objective today is to grow even more. For that to happen, we know that this growth should be sustained by the success of our clients, team and partners. Looking to the past, we can gain confidence for the future because it can show us the promise of success.


A Reference in its Field
Ventura is the brand name used by Fernandes Ventura, Associated - Consultores em Gestão, Lda. We offer consulting services in the Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant sectors and in their strategic and operational areas.

The consultants of Ventura Consulting Group go beyond  the standard solutions.  Our solutions are developed in close cooperation with our  clients, because there are no two companies that face the exact same challenges. Ventura Consulting Company treats each client individually. We try to guarantee that each solution be appropriate with the clients' needs, objectives and corporate culture. Only in this way, can the most effective and innovative solutions be found.

We are the first company in Portugal able to deliver Business and Design Consulting services in the Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant sectors.

In Fernandes Ventura, Associated we work closely with our clients in order to develop effective and innovating solutions. Each project is led by a multi-task team that insures the best proposals at a strategic, operational and structural level. They strive to be the most adequate for each organization.